Code of Ethics CODE OF ETHICS

Liberty REIA members desire to expand their knowledge of real estate investing, network with local real estate investors and grow a real estate portfolio. In order to pursue these ends in a legal and ethical manner, all members of Liberty REIA will be held to a higher standard of ethical behavior. This includes, but is not limited to the following list of behaviors:

Liberty REIA members will not intentionally misrepresent any material fact in their business dealings.

Liberty REIA members should keep themselves informed on matters affecting housing in their community, including local, state, and federal laws.

Liberty REIA members will create safe and sanitary housing.

Liberty REIA members will act as positive role models for the professions of real estate investing and housing providers when dealing with tenants, the public, the media, government officials, and all other business associates.

Liberty REIA members agree to disclose any and all known information about any property that may adversely affect the property value or that may cause the buyer any present or future hardship.

Liberty REIA members will never market any property that they do not have legal control.

Liberty REIA members will always seek the counsel of professionals for any issue in which they are not well versed.

Liberty REIA members will be responsible to complete their own due diligence in all business dealings and will encourage others to do the same.